Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Inmi Patterson at the Opening of the New American Corner

Deputy Chief of Mission Inmi Patterson
Deputy Chief of Mission Inmi Patterson
Chargé d’Affaires Inmi Patterson

Hello Everyone! I am delighted to see so many friends with us today! And thank you Deputy Minister Manyanya for joining us; it is an honor to have you here. I also want to thank Dr. Alli Mcharazo, the Director of the National Library, for not only hosting us today but hosting the new American Corner in downtown Dar es Salaam!

The American Corner that we’re opening today will provide one-stop shopping for English-language learning, educational advising, and information about educational opportunities in the United States. My skilled colleagues, led by Public Affairs Officer Brinille Ellis, will also ensure that this American Corner offers an array of programs, which will allow our Tanzanian friends to experience something of the rich diversity of the United States.

And I of course invite those of you who are alumni of U.S. educational programs to consider this Corner your second home in Tanzania. As we say in American English: Don’t be a stranger!

Mheshimiwa Deputy Minister, I can think of no better partner for the American Corner in Dar es Salaam than The National Library. My colleagues and I highly value the good working relationship we have already formed with our Library friends and we look forward to continued close cooperation.

As I have gotten to know colleagues in the Government of Tanzania, I have been struck by how many of them have studied in the United States. Hakika kituo hiki cha Kimarekani kitakuwa kitovu cha jitihada za Ubalozi wa Marekani katika kutoa elimu. Kituo kitakuwa kiunganishi cha kidijitali kati ya Tanzania na eneo la Silicon Valley, TEHAMA, na ubunifu. Aidha, kituo kitakuwa daraja la kuzifikia taasisi za elimu ya juu za Kimarekani, taasisi za utafiti za Marekani na ufadhili wa masomo. Kituo kitashirikisha hulka ya ubunifu na ujasiriamali Watanzania ambao watabuni mustakabali mpya. Tunawekeza katika uwezo wa Tanzania, na uwekezaji huo unafanyika hapa, katika kituo cha Elimu na Ubunifu.

Next week already, it will begin offering bi-weekly, online courses for English language educators. And next month, it will host the first-ever Girls Entrepreneurship Summit for more than 70 bright young Tanzanian women. There is much more underway, but I wanted to use this opportunity to encourage you to offer suggestions for activities you would like to see. We would like to make this Corner as useful to you as possible and we cannot do that without your input.

Mheshimiwa Deputy Minister, thank you again for joining us today. I am certain that this American Corner will be another important building block in the strong relationship we are forging together.

We have come together at the corner of Education and Innovation today. Twende pamoja kuijenga Tanzania yenye elimu bora, ubunifu, ustawi na mustakabali bora. Haya, twende pamoja.