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American Space Dar es Salaam
March 31, 2022

The American Space in Dar es Salaam is located inside the central library “Maktaba Kuu,” which is a well-known landmark in the city center.  The Space is your guide to learning more about the United States and exploring online resources free of charge. We serve students, teachers, researchers, journalists, business professionals and individuals simply interested in broadening their horizons on any topic.

In addition to offering programs by guest speakers, the American Space offers a wide array of information on subjects including:

  • English Language Learning
  • EducationUSA Advising
  • Democracy and governance
  • Human rights
  • Business, management and entrepreneurship
  • Law, legislation and justice
  • Health and HIV/AIDS
  • Media and information technology
  • U.S. society and values

Our Staff at the American Space are available to answer your questions: Please Contact us: ircdarinfo@gmail.com

The American Space does not answer queries about visas to the United States or about other consular matters. For consular information, please check the Consular pages of our website.