How to apply:
Eligible Offerors are required to complete and submit (1) a current resume or curriculum vitae; (2) a cover letter, not to exceed three pages, addressing how the applicant meets the Required Qualifications {(a) education; (b) prior work experience; (c) knowledge, (d) skills and abilities}; and (3) any other documents (certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned, etc.) that address the qualification requirements of the position as listed above, and a list of three (3) to five (5) references with complete contact information, including e-mail address and telephone numbers.
Position Title: Acquisition & Assistance Specialist (Career Ladder) – PDF 473KB
Vacancy Number: 72062120R10004
Open to: All Interested Candidates/ All Sources
Job Description: FSN-9 (PDF 69KB)
Job Description: FSN-10 (PDF 69KB)
Job Description: FSN-11 (PDF 73KB)
Opening Date: January 21, 2020
Closing Date: February 14, 2020