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June 28, 2022


The HHH fellowship stipend is not sufficient to support anyone but the grantee. Awards do not include an additional allowance for dependents. Please be advised that the cost of living in the United States is much higher than in Tanzania, if you are considering whether to have dependents join you in the U.S. Dependents may not accompany fellows to English language training. Fellows who wish to have family members join them during all or part of their fellowship year must receive prior approval from the U.S. host campus coordinator before IIE will issue a dependent DS-2019. Fellows may request permission for dependents to join them but must show proof of adequate personal funds to cover living expenses and dependents’ health insurance. If these conditions are met, IIE will prepare and send by express mail to The American Embassy an individual DS 2019 form for each dependent to support his/her J-visa application. Dependents may not arrive until after fellows have submitted required documentation of personal funds to IIE.

Health insurance for dependents is required and can cost 150-200 dollars per month per dependent. Failure to provide adequate dependent health insurance coverage is grounds for termination of the grant award.