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June 28, 2022


  1. Application questions: responses should be drafted and completed by the applicant. Responses should provide detailed information about the applicant’s plans for professional development and how they relate to the applicant’s goals and Tanzania’s needs. Independent review panelists rely heavily on the proposed program plan in evaluating the applicant’s communications skills, his/her understanding of the Humphrey program, and the applicant’s need for it. Independent review panelists are also keen to see clearly articulated evidence of commitment to public service by the applicant.
  2. References: One reference form must be from the candidate’s current employer. The employer should indicate how the Fellow’s training would be utilized by the organization upon return and also confirm that the employee will be granted a leave of absence for the Fellowship’s duration and that a position will be available upon return home. The second reference form should be from an individual who can comment significantly on the candidate from a different perspective: a university professor, professional mentor, or an associate if the candidate is involved in relevant community service or volunteer work. Personal friends, non-professional colleagues or family members are not acceptable references. Please submit no more than the two required references.
  3. Substance Abuse Supplimentary Application Page: all applicants applying for fellowships in the field of substance abuse prevention and treatment should complete the special form for candidates in this field regardless of degree held, number of publications or research experience. Applicants in other fields should omit this page of the application.
  4. Medical exams are not required as part of the application process. Medical evaluation forms are only to be completed after a candidate has been awarded a fellowship.
  5. Visas And Travel: Please note that applications should be made in the full name of the applicant as it appears or will appear on his/her passport. This is to ensure easier handling of necessary paperwork for visas and travel if the applicant is selected.