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Human Rights Awareness Month: Brenda
January 13, 2022

At age 14, Brenda lived by herself on the streets of Arusha, selling drugs, and was trafficked by a “friend.” She was bought and sold countless times day and night for several years, leaving her traumatized, angry and violent when she first came to Courage House at 16-years-old. Reflecting on her past, Brenda says it “was full of bitterness. Life was very hard.” With a safe place to live, counseling, education and the holistic program at Courage House, Brenda was able to slowly process the trauma of the past and find hope and healing. She is now a leader at her church and a positive example for the younger residents of Courage House, with her gentle nature and kind heart.

Within the last two years after graduating from the Courage House program, Brenda has excelled. After graduating from an English and Business certificate program, Brenda launched an earring business and was hired by an NGO for their new business venture, as an office assistant and barista. This past year, Brenda got married and is now pregnant with their first child.

Brenda’s life is an example of the resilience of survivors of trafficking and that hope that is possible despite deeply traumatic experiences.