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Human Rights Awareness Month: Hannah
January 18, 2022

Just about three years ago, Hannah came to Courage House as a young 15-year-old. She had been trafficked and was very broken, especially as she learned the same day she came to Courage House that her mother was very sick. Her mother told her, “My daughter, my chance is over, but this is your opportunity for a new life.” 

Hannah had much to overcome as she spoke very little English and she was behind in school – something very common with children who have been trafficked. Several times she wanted to give up, but our staff encouraged her and she persevered and graduated last spring from our C2BU High School as the top student.

After graduation, a staff member found her crying and asked her why she was so sad. She replied, “I realized I almost gave up and would have missed this day…”

Tears of joy and gratitude flowed down her cheeks as the staff shared how proud everyone was of her for not quitting. Later she wrote us a letter thanking us and Courage for all she has learned.

She said, “I promise to myself and also to you that I will be the top student in my college and you will see when you come to my graduation. I will remind you of this on that day.”

Hannah is currently studying accounting and IT at university and we know she will succeed!