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Human Rights Awareness Profile … Imani, Vicky, and Mary
January 14, 2022

Many people think that trafficking is kidnapping by strangers. While that can happen, it is often the case that a trafficker is someone familiar or even a close friend or relative.

These three sisters were trafficked at very young ages. Imani (18), Vicky (13) and Mary (10) came to Courage House one by one. Almost 5 years ago, Imani first came to Courage House and a couple of years later asked our team to help her sisters. Working with Social Welfare, we did just that. Vicky and Mary joined us at Courage House, reunited with their sister, and are able to reclaim their childhood, get an education and dream big for their futures.

Imani has dreams to be a pilot, and her young sister Mary wants to follow in her footsteps. When a girl first comes to Courage House, it is often hard for her to dream of a bright future. It is clouded by her past trauma and getting through the day can be difficult. We have seen over and over that with time, healing (through counseling and other forms of therapy like sports, dancing, art and music) and a loving environment, she can begin to dream big and reach her goals!