Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires Inmi Patterson at Launch of PLANREP and FFARS Systems in Dodoma

Deputy Chief of Mission Inmi Patterson
Deputy Chief of Mission Inmi Patterson
Chargé d’Affaires Inmi Patterson

September 5, 2017

Honorable Prime Minister Majaliwa; honorable ministers; esteemed guests. It is a pleasure to take part in the launch of these information management systems, both of which will contribute to efficient and transparent public service delivery and provide a clear mechanism for accountability. Transparency and accountability at all levels of government, can reduce corruption and improve the delivery of public services.

The United States agrees with the Tanzanian government that corruption, in its own way, is a killer every bit as deadly as a disease like malaria. Just as malaria or other diseases destroy the body’s ability to function normally, corruption impedes the proper functioning of a country’s economy. It kills competition. It kills economic growth. It kills the dreams of young people. It diverts scarce money from education and health care, and it tells citizens that laws are just obstacles to be overcome on the path to self-enrichment.
These two financial management systems we are inaugurating will shine the spotlight of transparency on the use of the hard-earned money of Tanzanian taxpayers.

The first initiative launched today, called the Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting system, or PlanRep, does two important things. Number one; it allows documents to be shared with other government information systems. That means oversight. Macho mengi huona Zaidi kuliko moja. Number two: by assigning codes for services to be delivered, it allows money to be tracked as it makes its way through agencies and offices. That means accountability.

The second initiative provides an accounting and financial reporting system for schools, health centers, and other places where government money is increasingly managed. This system tracks how money is used and ensures that Tanzanian government regulations are followed and reporting requirements are met. That means transparency.
And both of these systems mean efficiency. And the beneficiaries of that efficiency will be the Tanzanian people.

Your Excellency, I know that President Magufuli and you, and your fellow ministers here today have joined the battle against corruption and that you are determined to make every shilling contribute to the delivery of effective government services. I believe that these tools will help your colleagues in government accomplish that task. And to ensure they succeed, USAID has already trained 1500 officials in the use of the PlanRep system.

This initiative is yet another example of the robust cooperation between the Governments of Tanzania and the United States. I am grateful to Prime Minister Majaliwa, Minister Kairuki, Minister Mwalimu, Minister Mhagama, Minister Mpango, and Regional Commissioners Rugimbana and Mbendera for their continued strong support for our bilateral relationship. A special thanks to Minister Simbachawene for hosting today’s ceremony.

Hongerini sana!