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January 3, 2024

Request for Quotations – PR12249228 – FM-CARPENTRY WORKING TOOLS.

Dear Prospective Quoter:

The US Embassy Dar es Salaam wishes to solicit your proposal to supply FM-CARPENTRY

  WORKING TOOLS as per below details or similar. U.S. Government intends to award a contract to the responsible company submitting a technically acceptable quotation at the lowest price:  
1.      Cordless Drill DeWalt 20VMAX*XR brushless 2Ah batteries        6 each
2.      Grinder Cordless Makita                                                               6 each
3.      Jig saw cordless Makita/DeWalt                                                   6 each
4.      Miter Saw 220V Makita/DeWalt                                                   1 each
5.      Circular Saw Cordless Makita/DeWalt                                          2 each
6.      Sanding Machine Cordless Makita/DeWalt                                  6 each
7.      Bench Drill Makita/De Walt 220V                                                 1 each
8.      Milwaukee Toolbox 0.13 m3                                                         6 each
9.      TR110 Heavy Duty Steel Staple Machine                                      6 each
10.  Hand Saw 2-2.5 ft long                                                                   6 each
11.  Claw Hammers 200g-300g Stanley                                                 6 each
12.  Drill Bit Set Irwin                                                                            10 each
13.  Screwdriver Set Beta                                                                        6 each
14.  Chisel Set Stanley                                                                             6 each
Please Note:

  1. Your Quotation must include delivery to U.S Embassy Dar es salaam.,
  2. Advance payment is not authorized.
  3. RFQ is not a guarantee for business, any commitment shall only be on issuance of PO or contract signature, or whichever is applicable.
  4. CONFIRMATION REQUIRED -MANDATORY -As per New National Defense Authorization Act policy and FAR 52.204#24 and 52.204#25, Confirm if you do not provide or use prohibited telecom equipment or service.


Quotations are due by January 12, 2024, at 11:30 hrs. East Africa Time. No quotations will be accepted after this time. Proposals must be in English and incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

Your quotation must be submitted electronically to Dargsoprocurement@groups.state.gov

It is important to make sure the submission is made in specific size and format; in MS-Word 2007/2010 or MS-Excel 2007/2010 or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file format. The file size must not exceed 30MB. If the file size should exceed the 30MB, the submission must be made in separate files and attached to separate emails with less than 30MB each.

Offerors shall be registered in the SAM (System for Award Management) database at https://www.sam.gov prior to submittal of their offer/proposal as prescribed under FAR 4.1102. Failure to be registered at time of proposal submission may deem the offeror’s proposal to be considered non-responsible and no further consideration will be given. Therefore, offerors are highly encouraged to register immediately if they are interested in submitting a response to this requirement.