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DNA Testing Process in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  1. DNA test recommended by officer at time of either an immigrant visa or American Citizen Services interview.
  2. DNA lab selected by petitioner on AABB web page http://www.aabb.org  (costs paid by U.S petitioner/parent). The lab does not have to be near your home. The lab will send kits to a qualified testing center.
  3. DNA lab sends kit to Consular Dar es Salaam.
  4. Applicant will be scheduled an appointment for sample collection and informed of this via email from DRSDNA@state.gov.
  5. Once applicant receives appointment notification, applicant must then go to our panel physician in Dar es Salaam and pay the specimen collection fee before the DNA appointment day. Instructions will be provided in the appointment notification.
  6. On the appointment day, applicant will provide the following items to the Embassy representative: 2 recent passport size photos (2″ x 2″), official photo identification, and a receipt showing the panel physician has been paid. Applicants who do not bring all these documents will not be allowed to test.
  7. DNA sample collected on appointment date and sent to the DNA lab for testing.
  8. DNA lab finalizes test and sends results to the consular section.
  9. The Immigration Visa or American Citizen Services section contact the applicants by email and informs them of the results.