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Statement from the U.S. Embassy on Tanzania’s Upcoming Elections
October 1, 2020

The conduct of the upcoming elections in Tanzania has important consequences not only for Tanzania, but for the entire East African region. Tanzania’s history of peaceful multi-party elections stretching back 25 years has made it a model on the continent.

The United States government reaffirms unequivocally that it does not support any specific candidate or party in Tanzania’s upcoming elections.  The United States supports the democratic process itself.  We support a genuinely free, fair, transparent, and peaceful electoral process, before, during, and after election day. This includes ensuring the safety of all contestants, respect for the rule of law, and the absolute impartiality of the authorities in charge of managing the elections.

The United States, along with other democratic nations, will be paying close attention to actions of individuals who interfere in the democratic process or instigate violence against the civilian population before, during, or after the elections.  We will not hesitate to consider consequences for those found to be responsible for election-related violence or undermining the democratic process.

We welcome the calls by the leading candidates for a peaceful and transparent electoral process, and we urge them and their supporters to take measures to decrease tensions and avoid inciteful rhetoric.