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Tanzania urged to unlock the promise of 5G & 6G Networks
May 9, 2022

DAR ES SALAAM — Representatives of the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sectors from six countries gathered in Dar es Salaam today to attend a conference aimed at unlocking the promise of 5G and advanced technology.

The three-day conference is sponsored by the U.S. government and the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI), in partnership with Tanzania’s Ministry of Information, Communication, and Information Technology (MICIT). Deputy Minister Kundo Mathew was the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony, which was also attended by U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania Donald Wright and USTTI Chairman Jim O’Conner.

The purpose of the conference is to share best practices on how to optimize the use of emerging technologies and next generation wireless networks while addressing concerns related to cyber security and privacy. Seminars will explore regulatory best practices, the Internet of Things (IOT), and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology. Participants in the conference hailed from Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and the United States. Private sector companies represented included Walt Disney Company, Inmarsat, Qualcomm, American Tower, ICANN, Microsoft, and Meta.

In his remarks, Ambassador Wright said that the United States advocates for a vibrant digital economy worldwide that enables all citizens to benefit from the promise of fifth generation (5G) wireless networks and access to broadband internet.

“The stakes for ensuring the security of these networks could not be higher:  5G and 6G technology is transformative and will touch every aspect of our lives, including critical infrastructure sectors such as transportation, financial services, electrical distribution, health care and public health, and many more. Countries and citizens need to be able to trust that telecommunications and regulators will not introduce risks that threaten national security, privacy, or human rights,” Wright said.

Wright also noted that the conference represents the start of a nearly $1 million cyber partnership with Tanzania to provide technical assistance in 5G, countering cybercrime, and strengthening cyber security.