Example – Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Know All Men By These Presents:

That ____________________________________of (City/Country) _______________________________of (State, Country) _______________________do by these presents hereby make, constitute and appoint ____________________________of (City/County)___________________________ of (State, Country) _______________________true and lawful attorney in fact for me/us and in my/our name(s), place and stead to: ____________________________________ Granting and giving unto said attorney-in-fact full authority and power to do and perform any and all other acts necessary or incident to the performance and execution of the powers herein expressly granted, with power to do and perform all acts authorized hereby, as fully to all intents and purposes as the grantor might or could do if personally present, with full power of substitution.

In testimony whereof ______________________________has/have hereunto set his/her hand this _____________ day of ____________________ 20 __.



Country of Tanzania,

City of Dar es Salaam,

Embassy of the United States of America

On this the _______________day of _____,20 ____, before me, ______________________, appeared _____________________________, known to me (or satisfactorily proven) to be the person(s) whose name(s) is/are subscribed to the within instrument and that he/she freely and voluntarily executed the same for the purpose therein contained.

In witness where of I hereunto set my hand and official seal.                                                               ___________________________________________