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February 18, 2022

Today, in Dar es Salaam, the United States Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with Save the Children Tanzania handed-over medical oxygen equipment to four regional referral hospitals for COVID-19 case management of critical care patients. Key attendees were the Chief Medical Officer MOH and guest of honor, Dr. Wedson Aifello Sichalwe; Director of Emergency Preparedness Response (EPR) Unit, MOH, Dr. Elias Kwesi; USAID Health Director Ananthy Thambinayagam and Bester Mulauzi, Country Director Save the Children.

These medical supplies include oxygen cylinders, handheld gas monitors, pulse oximeters, glucometers, gauges and flowmeters with humidifiers, and oxygen cylinder carts. They will enable regional health care providers to deliver quality care that will save lives, while complementing the Tanzanian government’s ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19. This handover also demonstrates the continued commitment of the United States to support Tanzanians throughout this crisis.

The United States government recognizes COVID-19 as a global challenge that requires a global response. As the single largest health and humanitarian donor for sustainable development, the United States continues to lead the world’s humanitarian and health assistance response to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The United States government will continue to partner with the government of Tanzania, other governments and other friends and allies in the pandemic response. In addition, the U.S. is leading the global response to COVID-19 through a comprehensive approach that includes businesses, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, and others.

Ending the COVID-19 pandemic begins with vaccinations. The U.S. has shared 450 million vaccines with 110 countries, amounting to more donations than all other countries combined. This includes over 5 million vaccines donated to Tanzania. In addition to US government donations of vaccines, to date, USAID has invested a total of $27.5 million in Tanzania to support mitigating the impact of the pandemic. We have done this by partnering with the Government of Tanzania to ensure greater access to COVID-19 vaccinations. We’ve worked alongside the Government of Tanzania to reduce morbidity and mortality from the disease by helping doctors know how to treat patients and have adequate supplies to support patient care. USAID has also prevented the effects of the pandemic on HIV/AIDS relief programs and beneficiaries.

Speaking at the handover event, USAID Health Director Ananthy Thambinayagam, highlighted the commitment of the U.S. to work collaboratively with the government of Tanzania and stakeholders such as Save the Children to end the COVID-19 crisis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is among the most pressing challenges to the health, well-being, and economic security of all people. We must work together to address this pandemic with urgency.” stated Ananthy Thambinayagam, USAID Health Director.