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USAID and Government of Tanzania Handover Income Generating Startup Kits to Youth and Office Materials through
June 29, 2021

DAR ES SALAAM – Today, the United States Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and Ng’wilabuzu Ndatwa Ludigija, District Commissioner of Ilala, handed over income generating business startup kits and office materials to local beneficiaries.

The business startup kits were distributed through USAID’s Kizazi Kipya (“New Generation”) activity. They provide means for youths to excel in fields such as tailoring, carpentry, masonry, baking, plumbing, hair dressing, catering, and food production. Prior to receiving the kits, Kizazi Kipya provided equipment and scholarships for the youth to attend vocational training at certified vocational training colleges in Tanzania, including those under the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA). In total, Kizazi Kipya has supported nearly 10,000 youths with vocational scholarships and business start-up toolkits from 81 councils in 25 regions since 2018. The total value of business startup kits provided to date comes to Tsh 15.2 billion (USD 6.7 million).

At this event, USAID’s ACHIEVE activity also provided office equipment and materials to PO-RALG structures so they can better deliver services to orphans and vulnerable children. These materials include computers, printers, office furniture, motorcycles, and other office supplies. The total value of goods to be handed over is approximately Tsh. 613,000,000/= (over USD 265,000). PO-RALG structures that will benefit from this support include Community Development Offices at the district and ward levels in 24 regions. This year, ACHIEVE will have procured office materials totaling approximately Tsh. 1.1 billion (over USD 470,000).

At today’s handover event, USAID Mission Director Andrew Karas said that the U.S. Government is pleased to partner with the Government of Tanzania to provide these valuable supplies. “We at USAID believe that if young Tanzanians acquire high-demand skills, establish sources of income, and are able to actively participate and lead efforts in civic life, then they will be empowered, productive, and engaged citizens,” he said.

The Mission Director continued, “Our ACHIEVE and Kizazi Kipya activities demonstrate USAID’s commitment to strengthening the Government of Tanzania, as well as empowering and protecting vulnerable youth and households. USAID is proud to be part of youth empowerment and community transformation towards a more inclusive and vibrant industrialized economy.”