USAID Country Director Andy Karas Visits Programs in Morogoro

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Andy Karas, Country Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Tanzania traveled to sites throughout Morogoro October 17-20 to observe USAID’s programmatic impact in the region and to engage with partners and beneficiaries. The visits to USAID programs in the region reflected the wide reach of U.S. Government-funded initiatives in Tanzania, covering sectors including agriculture, nutrition, education, health, women and youth, and good governance.

Morogoro has long been a focus of U.S. Government development assistance for its agricultural potential, educational institutions, and strategic proximity to transportation infrastructure. The region is home to one of USAID’s first assistance programs in Tanzania—the establishment of Sokoine University of Agriculture—where Country Director Karas toured a new USAID-supported ICT lab and met with graduate student beneficiaries of the Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative (iAGRI), a former USAID-funded project.

Further site visits highlighted USAID assistance to local schools and health facilities; the Dakawa Irrigation Scheme and 950-member farmer cooperative; community-based nutrition interventions; and efforts to strengthen service delivery by the public sector and local institutions.  Mission Director Karas also met with local government officials as well as participants of other U.S. Government programs, including United States Peace Corps volunteers and alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative.

Country Director Andy Karas joined USAID/Tanzania in August 2017. He has also worked for USAID in Rwanda, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Ghana, and the East Africa regional mission in Nairobi.