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USAID Deputy Administrator Coleman Announces $10 Million to Tackle Climate Crisis in Tanzania
September 7, 2023

On September 6, USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman announced two new USAID investments totaling $10 million to conserve critical ecosystems and carbon sinks in Tanzania.

This includes an initial $8 million to launch the USAID Tumaini Kupitia Vitendo (Hope through Action) project, a five-year partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute to strengthen government, village, and stakeholder management of natural resources in Tanzania; and $2.1 million to improve the climate resilience of coasts and fisheries in Tanzania as part of the ongoing USAID Heshimu Bahari (Respect the Ocean) project.

These initiatives contribute to USAID’s participation at the Africa Climate Summit during which USAID announced $34 million to support African climate leadership and contribute to economic growth and prosperity across the continent, including these two activities.