USAID Supports Tanzania Health Sector with $49 Million Grant

Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA.  The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) recently announced support of the Government of Tanzania’s Results Based Financing (RBF) Initiative in the health sector through a $49 million grant. Through a single donor trust fund administered by the World Bank, Tanzania will receive $49 million over the next five years. Tanzania’s RBF Initiative aims to improve the quality of primary health care services in Tanzania, with a focus on maternal, neonatal, and child health services.

RBF priorities in achieving results, greater value for money, and efficiencies, will help secure Tanzania’s domestic resources and ensure long-term security in the country’s health sector. As a result of the $49 million USAID grant, the Ministry of Finance increased its loan allocation to the health sector by an additional $100 million. In response to this financial commitment from the Government of Tanzania, U.S. Ambassador Mark B. Childress stated, “In alignment with Big Results Now, this initiative will strengthen the quality and sustainability of health services in Tanzania.”

The $49 million will support the Government of Tanzania’s plans to increase access to high quality health care services, which includes rolling out a facility accreditation scheme, improving the distribution of skilled health care workers to regions with critical shortages, and enhancing community-based health interventions. As part of this scheme, the Medical Stores Department will also receive performance-based payments to increase the availability of essential medicines. USAID will also support its partners to provide technical assistance at national, district, and facility levels.

To request more information about this announcement, please email Japhet Sanga (, Senior Information Specialist at U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam.