Revised Visa Reciprocity Announcement for Tanzania

Please be advised that effective January 13, 2020, there will be changes to the validity and prices of some nonimmigrant visas to the United States.  The changes as detailed below, are reflective of the cost and duration of Tanzanian visas issued to American citizens.

A reciprocity fee should not be confused with the application fee.  The application fee — $160 for non-petitioned based visas and $190 for petitioned-based visas – is mandatory and is not refundable.  The applicant pays the reciprocity fee if a visa is approved.


Prospective students or workers with appointments on or after the January 13, 2020 should attend their interviews as scheduled.  They should also come prepared to pay the reciprocity fee if the visa is approved.


Class/Function             Reciprocity Fee       Applications               Validity

F1, F2/Student              $290 ($0)                   Multiple                       12 Months (24 Months)

H-1B/Temp Worker      $860 ($500)               Multiple                       24 Months

of distinguished merit


H-4/Spouse                   $860                          Multiple                       24 Months

or Child of H1B


I/Journalist                    $340 ($500)               Single (Multiple)         3 Months


L-1/Intra-company        $860 ($500)              Multiple                       24 Months



L-2                                 $860 ($0)                  Multiple                       24 Months

Spouse/Child of L-1